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5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit fly also termed as vinegar fly or Drosophila melanogaster is a fly species, an insect fly small in size can harm your sugary fruit/food and make it more infected to intake, fruit flies intakes the sugary content to feed themselves and lay their eggs all over the eaten places and majorly in dark or small places. Fruit flies comes out of their reproductive eggs in seven days and can increase in more number, their reproduction depends upon the intake of food/fruit as they can survive on fruit/food and lay eggs over different places as they don’t have any place to name it home. Fruit flies can be found over the fruit bowls or over the sugary things and meals, they lay their eggs in corner of kitchen or inside water pipes which are dirty as well. There are numerous ways to get rid of fruit flies and keep your fruit/food clean and keep away fruit flies from your environment.

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  1. Trap: Create a trap by pouring some sugary content in the bowl or open container and cover it with an transparent layer of polythene, make small holes into it to pass the air and let the fragrance of sugary content reached to flies. Place these bowls having same content for a night where you think of flies and leave it. Sugary content can be ripped fruits mixed with honey or sugar solution, after a day you can look into it and see the trapped flies inside it. You can easily get rid of them by dissolving that mixture into trash or just keeping it away helps you to get rid of it.
  2. Sprays: Buy some online products which are available only for insects flies and can make your environment clean and fresh, there are numerous pest sprays which are available in the market to prevent fruit flies. Spray the content over light or in kitchen where you can find the flies and keep the environment clean.
  3. Pest control: Pest control companies are providing door to door services to clean up your house and make it free from insect flies, this will eventually be choose if you are facing some serious issues cause of these flies and to counter them out of your place you need to take this step and make your place free from insect flies by opting services from pest control companies.
  4. Drainage: keep your drainage clean by pouring cleaning gel into the drainage pipes and makes these moves regularly so that any laid eggs by fruit flies will be easily drained off, this should be done with a span of 3-4 days, as it requires seven days to fruit fly to comes out of their eggs.
  5. Clean: keep your surrounding clean and clear, this is the first thing to adopt to get rid of fruit flies. Clean your kitchen and tables where the food/fruit is served and vacuum the place and maintain your clean surrounding. Doesn’t let any of insect flies comes inside your place and makes your food infected.

These are the different ways to get rid of fruit flies and doesn’t let them makes your food infected, as they feed themselves and get increased in numbers and doesn’t let us to intake that infected food. Infected fruit/food may cause disease and food severe issues which will eventually effects our health, so to prevent yourself from fruit flies and get rid of them from your place you can easily choose any of the ways to counter your aimed results.

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